Misty the Unicorn Lori Nates
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Misty the Unicorn and the Magical Rainbow

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about Misty the Unicorn and the Magical Rainbow

6-year-old Becka Cohen lives in Ohio with her mother. One magical summer night, a shooting star streaks across the sky. Becka wishes on the shooting star that her unnamed new purple unicorn toy were real. Later that night, Becka is astonished to discover that her wish was granted, and that her purple unicorn toy has miraculously come to life. Misty the Unicorn has arrived from the country of Rainbow Domain to take Becka back to her home for a visit.

Join Becka and Misty as they travel to the end of the rainbow, to the enchanted realm of Rainbow Domain. Here you will meet a jolly rhyming leprechaun, a kind young prince, and the high-spirited, delightful people and animals of this magical country. Becka’s tour of Rainbow Domain will take her to the village farmers’ market, the park, and a new friend’s farm. There, she will discover she has lost the leprechaun’s gold coin, which is her return ticket home. Will Becka prove how honest she is and find the gold coin so she can return home in time?

This magical adventure book offers a fresh and unique take on the classic unicorn and rainbow story. Readers will smile during this feel-good story that will entertain and amuse them, while also subtly educating them. Misty highlights themes of friendship, responsibility, trust, kindness, acceptance, safety, security, and patriotism. This fantasy story is ultimately a celebration of American farm culture and small-town life.

About This Author

Lori Nates has been an avid reader and writer since childhood. She graduated with high honors from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts in history and psychology, and from Miami University in Ohio with a Master of Arts in history. She worked as a legal secretary before fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. She is the mother of a special needs child who loves fantasy and adventure stories. She hopes that this book will help other children develop a lifelong interest in and love of reading. This is her first young reader book in a planned series starring Becka Cohen and Misty the Unicorn. When she is not writing, Lori enjoys practicing yoga, reading, watching classic movies, and spending time with her family. She lives in New Jersey. Readers can connect with her online at www.defiancepress.com and Instagram.

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